the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Yak and cashmere, Which is better?

Yak is textile material with excellent warm keeping ability and it is very popular in market. For cashmere and yak fibre, which is better?

Cashmere is called soft gold and China produce about 10,000tons each year. Cashmere is suitable for woolen, worsted and semi worsted. Yak fibre is excellent in warm keeping but yak fibre is dark in original color it is not easy to dye bright colors. Yak material is more suitable to make men’s knitwear. Yak fibre is more eco-friendly. Most cashmere knitwear is light and thin because cashmere material is of high price.

Yak fibre is fine hair near the head of the yak animal, which is no more than 20 microns and length between 34mm to 45mm. yak fibre is called Khullu by headsman, which help yak animal live through cold winter. The headsmen collect the fibre from yak animal in spring. Yak fibre is used to make simple living goods and now yak fibre not only brings economic values for headsman but also the favor of fashion world.