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The useof mohair

Mohairrefers to the fur of angora goat. It is named after Turkish meaning the besthair. Mohair is flexible, pressure proofing and with good luster. Mahair fibreis easy to dye and the finished knitwear is of bright color. Mohair yarn ismainly used for sweater, coat and blanket.

Mohair yarnid widely used in coat, knitwear, scarf and sweater and blankets. The finer yarnis used for long hair and lining of clothes. The fine yarn is used for summerwear, decorating lace and the thick yarn is used for tweed and carpet.

China textileindustry do research on the mohair and produce mohair yarn with silk and woolenstyle. Mohair is blended with spun silk and acrylic and knitted with raw silkand polyester. The woolen style can be spun with spun silk, wool and then knitwith wool or polyester.

Mohairis high end woolen textile material, mainly used to spun lustrous fabric andknitting yarn for long hair, coat fabric, or jacquard weaved blanket. Thick yarnmohair sweater is knitted into sweater and noble and rough style favored bypeople.