the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Several tips to distinguish real cashmere from fake cashmere

The high quality real cashmere and low quality intermingle in the cashmere market. How to distinguish the real cashmere from fake cashmere? Here are some tips for your ref.

1.Weigh the weight.

Cashmere fibre is hallow and the finished products are lighter than other fibre products like wool, cotton or acrylic. If your cashmere sweater is too heavy it may mix with other fibre.


You can take a piece of the knitted product and fire it. Cashmere fibre is protein fiber and it smells like burning hair. And the remains are ashes easy to crumb. It is synthetic fibre products the remains are solid remains and may have black smog.

3.Warm-keeping ability

Cashmere products are of excellent warm- keeping alility. You can prepare two glasses of water and then you wrap the cup with cashmere knitwear and normal sweater separately. Wait several minutes later, the temperature of glass warped with cashmere is higher than that of normal material.


The fineness of cashmere is average 14-16 micron much finer than cashmere wool so it is very soft in touch.


Wool fibre is solid which cashmere fibre is hollow in the middle so it is very flexible. Cashmere fibre is animal protein fibre so even you grab and squeeze cashmere knitwear it can return to its original shape after hang.