the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
How to deal with the Shrinkage of cashmere ?

Cashmere knitwear is necessary wear in fall winter. While cashmere knitwear need additional special care compared with other clothes. Here are some tips about cashmere care.

How to deal with deformation of sweater?

1.Immerse the sweater into water with softening agent and soak for about 1 hour. When the fibre become soft pull the sweater into original shape. Then flat dry if.

2.Iron the sweater by the structure in the tag. Pull the sweater into its original shape while it is still hot. You can iron and pull several times.

3.Make a paper model by the shape and size of the original sweater and keep the edge smooth to avoid the hooking of the sweater. Put the sweater in the model and then iron it.

How to deal with the deformation of the cuff and neckline?

You can soak the cuff and neckline into warm water and dry out with sot towel. Settle the cuff and neckline into the shape you want and cover towel, and then iron it. When the sweater becomes dry the deformation can be improved.