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How to distinguish cashmere sweater, wool sweater and other sweater?

Cashmere sweater is made from cashmere yarn. because cashmere fibre is shorter and finer than fine wool, cashmere finished products are softer and warmer than wool products. If add certain percentage acrylic it will have better wear-resisting ability. Cashmere is irregular curly and average 14-16micron in fineness and 35-45mm in length. Cashmere fibre has better Strong stretching length and moisture absorbing ability than wool. Cashmere fibre is fine, soft, light, smooth and gentile in luster.

Cashmere fibre has below features.

Cashmere is soft, fine and warm. Cashmere fibre is finest fibre and naturally curly. Cashmere fibre is closely held in knitting therefore it has good warm retaining ability, 1.5 to twice than wool fibre. There is a layer of air on fibre so cashmere sweater is light and smooth in hand feel.

Cashmere is natural and gentile in luster. Cashmere fibre can absorb the dyes fully and do not fade easily. Cashmere products are naturally gentile, pure and brilliant in color.

Cashmere is pliable and tough. Cashmere has large crimp percentage so it is suitable to be produced into soft, flexible and full knitwear. It is comfortable and can keep good shape after wash.

The good and bad are intermingled in the cashmere market. Some manufacturer use cashmere blend wool or use thick cashmere fibre over 16.0micron to reduce cost. But Consinee stick to use cashmere fibre below 15.5 micron and length over 38mm to ensure our cashmere yarn quality.

Wool sweater is made from wool material or wool blend material like wool acrylic. Although it is of good quality it is not so soft like cashmere.