the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
How to Choose Reliable Cashmere Supplier for Purchasing

    Consinee Group provides high-quality cashmere yarn for high-end market especially for West European and North American. Consinee Group is world leader in luxury yarns. Cashmereyarn selection is of Inner Mongolia high-quality cashmere raw materials and Swiss imports of environmentally friendly dyes, through rigorous production processes and scientific formula from refined. Uniform yarn, anti-pilling andcolor fastness are in line with the EU textile standards. (Such as cashmeresweater, cashmere scarves, etc.) Feels soft, suede smooth, soft color, durable anti-pilling, the indicators are in the same industry in a leading position.

    The quality of the raw materials of Consinee cashmere is 100% and the fineness is less than 15.5um. The length of the raw materials of Nm26 is 34mm-36mm. BABY CASHMERE with the fineness of raw materials ≤ 15.0μm, the length of 38mm or more. Worsted Nm48 with the fineness of the material ≤ 15.8μm, length 55mm-75mm (after carding). Less than 20mm short fiber rate of not more than 16% , containing less than 0.2% heterochromatic, heterogeneous fiber does not exceed 7 per gram, white in white raw materials do not exceed 3per gram.

    Consinee use dyes and additives which are from Switzerland and Germany, Ciba and Dresdner. It is the EU and the United Statesover the years to confirm the exemption of environmentally friendly dyes through the OEKO-TEX certification.