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Why would the pilling of cashmere?

Natural fibers have the same pilling phenomenon. The ball is generally by wearing inappropriate or with a hard object caused by friction. Some of the more loose fibers are in wearing clothes after a few falls off or tangled together, and the formation of the ball. This is a normal phenomenon. As long as the natural fibers, such as cashmere, in the beginning there will be wearing pilling phenomenon.      

1, The length of cashmere in general 18-38mm, fineness in 14.5-17um. Under the sameconditions, the longer the cashmere, the higher the price. Cashmere sweater generally choose the length of 32-36mm, the fineness of cashmere 15.5-16.5um asraw material. The use of cashmere raw material is shorter, more easy pilling.      

2, Dyeingcan cause different degree damage to cashmere fiber. The darker the color, the greater the damage.  

3, The spinning process of different machines, spinning workshop temperature and humidity control, operator skill and so on, will affect the final yarn length of the fiber. At the same time the clothes too tight is not easy pilling