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What Should We Do When The Cashmere Clothing Shink after Washing?

Once the cashmere coat is thrown into the washing machine, it will shrink. What should we do when meet this situation?

1, Heating with steam iron, and then take advantage of the long fiber drawing. Fiber can not stretch a lot, to be repeated heating and stretching.

2, With thick cardboard (home appliance packaging cardboard) cut into the size and shape of the original sweater. The sweater on the board, and then use the electric iron in various parts of the sweater repeated steam ironing, to be completely removed after cooling.

3, Just take the clothes to the dry cleaner, first dry, then find the same type of special clothing rack, will hang sweaters, steam treatment, clothing can be restored, and the price and dry cleaning.

Even the professional people in the cashmere coat after shrinking. It is difficult to restore to the original level. If the material is soft, the possibility of recovery would be a little larger. The version is hard and it is difficult to make the original effect. So everyone in the cleaning, we must identify the fabric, a little attention, it may cause unimaginable consequences