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Processing Method of Pilling for Cashmere sweater

After the emergence of the cashmere sweater pilling phenomenon, donot use hand to pull it very hard, the correct way is to use the scissors tocut the ball gently after the washing, after washing several times, with someloose fibers, pilling phenomenon of the clothing will gradually disappear.

For the little local ball, use finger to pull gently or cut with asmall scissors, you also can use clothes brush to brush it.For a large area ofpilling, first you can put cashmere sweater on the flat desktop, with a brushto brush the dust stitch and straighten it, gently vertical electric suctionwith a special electric razor, shaving the ball.

Finally, use a steam iron to burn and use steam iron heat thecashmere fiber, and then take advantage of heat with both hands stretching itsfiber. You can stack up white cloth,spraying with water, in some mediumtemperature ironing, the best water temperature is at 35 degrees, immediatelyclean as new, it will not damage the cashmere sweater.