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The difference between the worsted cashmere and woolen cashmere

1.      Luster

Worsted cashmere products are generally for 16gauge or 18 gauge loom production, fine yarn count, finished production withsilky luster, very smooth, looks more meticulous. Woolen cashmere products aremainly used for 12 gauge knitting machine production, more for 9 gauge, 7 gauge,5 gauge knitting machine production, worse luster and hand feeling.

2.      Price

For raw cashmere knitting worsted cashmereproducts is required for length ,the general requirements is 30mm or even morethan 40mm . Per kilogram of raw cashmere used for worstedcashmere products do not exceed 200 grams ,so the price of worsted cashmereproducts is also much higher than the price of woolen cashmere products.

3.      Quality

Worsted cashmere is finer than woolencashmere, therefore, worsted cashmere products is not easy to pilling, better heatretention property and quality.