the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The advantages of Merino wool

1.      A sense of falling down

Merino wool is much slender and softer than other wools. Asa result of these advantages, merino wool clothing has excellent drape and innervation,therefore loved by the world-renowned designers and tailors.

2.      Ductility

Merino wool fiber structure and a slight degree of curlensure that the merino wool clothing has superior flexibility, can be used indaily wear and restore the status quo. Compared with other apparel fibers, merinowool can be more long-term to maintain the original shape of clothing.

3.      Comfort

Merino wool is very thin, so that the more rough than thetraditional wool more easily bent, this feature makes the merino wool withextraordinary softness and softness. Merino wool also absorbs a large amount ofwater vapor and vaporizes the water vapor into the air, making it breathableand not sticky and wet.

4.       All seasons.

Unlike synthetic fibers, merino wool is an active fiberthat reacts to changes in body temperature of the wearer. It can bring you acomfortable body cool in winter and summer.

5.      Less odor

Merino wool can absorb and lock the smell of sweatmolecules in the skin, so for clothing  to keep fresh for a long time. Smell moleculescan be released and removed during laundry cleaning.

6.      Safety

Through millions of years of evolution, merino wool isadapt to the world's most severe climate, and evolves its own natural UVprotection. At the same time, merino wool also has a natural flame retardant.