the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
How to distinguish cashmere sweater, cardigan and woolen sweater

Cashmere sweater is product spun by cashmereyarn.Because cashmere fiber is shorter than fine wool and thinner than finewool,it is spun into 80-120 branch fine yarn,and its textile is very soft withgood warmth and flexibility making people feel particularly comfortable.Addinga small aoumt of nylon makes cashmere sweater more wear-resisting.

Cardigan is made by knitted yarns.There are purewool,pure nylon and other varieties of knitted yarns,they are composed of twosingle yarn together.The raw material is fine wool,spun yarn is thin and softwith good quality,so it is difficult to distinguish cashmere sweater andcardigan,even it is recognized as cashmere sweater mistakenly.

Woolen sweater is knitwear knitted by fine wool andcoarse wool.The fine wool is thinner,coarse wool fiber is thicker.Whether finewool or coarse wool,the raw materials are general wool products.Inaddition,there are pure acrylic or acrylic wool blended knitting clothes with asense of hair and bright,beautiful color.