the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The characteristics of cashmere clothing

1.     Preciousas gold:Cashmere is a layer of soft fluff which grows in the root of goathair,and it’s a very precious knitting material,low content,high quality andhigh price.It enjoys the laudatory title of “soft gold” in the internationalmarket.

2.     Softtexture,soft luster:Cashmere clothing has excellent characteristics ofdelicate,soft and smooth.The soft and beautiful natural luster as silk has afascinating allure.

3.     Lightwarm:A cashmere clothing only weighs 300 grams,cashmere fiber fineness is under15.5 microns,so the fabric grain is thick and thin,and it has a naturalcrimp,light and with air,so the warmth retention property is good.

4.     Comfortableand elastic:Cashmere clothing has good moisture absorption and air mermeability,it’sclose-fitting dressed,feeling comfortable.It has a unique feel,rich naturalanim color.

5.     Healthcare function:Cashmere clothing is close-fitting dressed,it can promote hairfollicle activity and stimulate blood circulation,helping reduce fatigue andhealth care.