the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere is soft gold, not cheap goods

Cashmere, usuallybe named soft gold, diamond fiber. Once upon a time, only wealthy aristocracy couldbe dressed the cashmere, now, More and mostpeople can wear a cashmere sweater. Cashmere product range is very large, but, surprisesin some cashmere products prices are low.

Shoppingmalls selling so cheap cashmere products, Cashmere treasures, very rare, aren’tit. Why this rare and precious material so "cheap"?

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Insiders tellus: these are not really cashmere, cashmere and even their price cost of rawmaterials is not enough. When wepurchase cashmere must beware of three categories: counterfeit cashmere, fakecashmere, borrow the name of cashmere.

What is counterfeit cashmere?

Counterfeitcashmere, when acrylic put through a special process, that it has a similarfeel of cashmere, but more colorful than cashmere, with a clear staticphenomenon.

(▲Different forms of acrylic Counterfeitcashmere)

What is fake cashmere?

Fakecashmere, Most of mixed angora/wool/chemical fiber, sometimes even cashmerefiber also free. Its characteristics are, feels likecashmere, pilling serious wear, hair loss, and some people may even developallergies. The price of This "Cashmere" is very cheap.

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What is borrowing the name of cashmere?

Borrowthe name of cashmere; cheap yarns are to hang up the name of cashmere. Ifit is in a class with cashmere and it will as a better price. Themost typical is sheep fiber; in fact, sheep simply had wool fiber cashmerefiber.

(▲Sheep wool)

Autumn, mostpeople will buy cashmere sweater; the above information is hoping to help youstay away from profiteers.