the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere and wool, there are many differences of only a single word

Some people arealways confused about “cashmere” and “wool”,mistaken for cashmere is finewool.Actually,there are essential differences between “cashmere” and “wool”.

 Different sources

 Cashmere and wool grow in different kinds ofsheep.Wool are from sheep,cashmere comes from goats.

 The world’s best wool is from Australia,oneof the best cashmere is from China’s Inner Mongolia region,and 70% of the world’scashmere come from Inner Mongolia in China.

 Sheep(wool production)

 Goat(cashmere production)

 Different sampling method

 Collecting wool is like having a haircut ortaking off your clothes,shaving off all with the scissors and taking off.

 Cutting wool

 Cashmere grows in goats’ coarse hair root,youneed to use a special iron comb rooster like combing hair when collectingcashmere.

 Combing cashmere

 Different production

 Each sheep can produce several kilograms wooleach year,each goat can produce dozens of grams of cashmere.A sheep’s wool canmake a lot of sweaters,but at least 5 goats cashmere is enough to make acashmere sweater.

 Different close skin character

 Cashmere diameter is 14-16 microns,finer thanwool,more lightsome and softer worn in the body.Cashmere has very good closeskin character and confort to cling to.

        wool fiber                      cashmere fiber

Different hygroscopicity

 Cashmere hygroscopicity is better thanwool,and it’s firstly embodied in color.Cashmere doesn’t lose color afterdyeing,it’s full of color;Secondly embodied on clothing experience,cashmere isbreathable and comfortable.

 Cashmere sweater absorbent is the strongestof all textile fibers,more than 15% moisture regain.If you douse cashmeresweater in the water,it’s all wet in a few seconds,but wool sweater needs more thanhalf a minute to get wet.

 Different warmth retention property

 Warmth retention property of cashmere is1.5-2 times as wool.Under the same external temperature,heat preservation andwarmth retention property of cashmere are better than wool,and cashmere is thebest choice of winter dress fabrics.

 Different color

 Hair scale slice of wool is pointed,andcashmere scale is circular.Cashmere fiber is hollow without medullalayer,therefore cashmere luster is more plentiful and softer.

 Different anti-wrinkle ability

 Cashmere has better anti-wrinkle ability,ifthere is a slight fold,flat out for one night and it can return to level off.

 Different anti-washing shrinkage ability

 Cashmere sweater basically doesn’t shrinkafter washing,but wool cashmere shrinks.

 Cashmere is born of noble,there is a stubborntemper in elegance and softness.So please don’t call the wrong name.