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What’s the Racoon Fiber?

Racoon Fiber is a new kind of special animal fiber, whose fabric feels soft . What is more,the fabric is made of racoon fiber with the appearance of long and full velvet . It has become one of the most popular material in domestic high-grade consumers.

Racoon yarn is a new type of yarn developed in textile industry, of which the characteristic is warmer and lighter than any other common fiber.

Racoon fabric, with the appearance of full and soft velvet, is similar to fur coat, which brings people a high-end sense of nobility. By changing the process in spinning process, the effect of the finished fabric is completely different. The RACCOON yarn ( NM2/20 100% Racoon), for example, with soft handle and full velvet, by changing its fiber morphology it achieves the effect of long velvet.

The racoon fabric has plump and exquisite hairness, which results in its luxurious furs style.

The RACCOON yarn ( NM2/20 100% Racoon) , it is a good idea to use it in flat knitting machines 7 gauge . In this way, the fabric can become the optimized state which is soft, fluffy, and full feather.

Consinee group does specially deal with the long hair effect of the raccoon, we also did the general processing of the raccoon yarn. The RINGTAIL yarn ( NM2/20 70% Racoon 30% Cashmere), for example, also can be produced by the flat knitting machines 7 gauge. The garment made of the RINGTAIL yarn feels soft , looks full, and wears warm.

As the density of raccoon fiber is lower than cashmere , its weight is lighter than cashmere. Furthermore, there is a knobby cavity in the fibrous structure of raccoon, so it has an excellent warmth retention property.

The habit of choosing color varies from person to person. The color of raccoon is usually dark brown or light brown, so the raccoon fiber needs to be decolorized before making light color yarn. To some extent, it not only destroys the original feel of the raccoon, but also the different color hair comes into being. As making light color yarn need be processed by color stripping method, under such condition, the feather effect of the dark yarn is more apparent compared to that of the light yarn. It is recommended to follow the original characteristics of the raccoon fiber to maximize the advantages of each product.