the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
when Consinee promote spring summer product?

Some domestic customers thought Consinee only produce fall winter season product and do not produce spring summer yarn. In fact Consinee promote two series cashmere yarn each year,spring summer season and fall winter season. Generally Consinee promote spring summer color card in March and fall winter color card in Semptember. Now Consinee will promote 2019/2020SS product in March.

fine count spring summer cashmere product is very popular in Europe. In order to let people enjoy its excellence a series of spring summer cashmere product is developed.

2019SS silk cashmere yarn:

22/60 85%Silk15%Cashmere(Worsted)- 28colors

   2/4855%Silk45%Cashmere(Worsted)- 9colors

32/48 85%Silk15%Cashmere (Semi-worsted)-28colors

2019SS cotton cashmere yarn:

42/48 85%Cotton15%Cashmere(Semi-worsted)-28colors

2/2885%Cotton15%Cashmere(Semi-worsted)- 9colors

52/52 70%Silk20%MercerizedWool10%Cashmere(Semi-worsted)- 28colors

62/48 60%Cotton20%Viscose15%Nylon5%Cashmere(Semi-worsted)- 28colors

72/48 70%Cotton20%Silk10%Cashmere(Semi-worsted)- 16colors

8)  2/36 95%cotton5%cashmereMachinewashable - Semi worsted-16 colors

9)1/26 65%cotton 25%Cupro10%wool (Worsted) -20colors

thick gauge cashmere yarn: