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What is Llama Yarn?

    Among Top-line's new yarns this winter,there is a llama yarn attracting attention. What is llama yarn? Can it keep warm? In the fancy yarn gives people what kind of stunning effect. The following will take you into the


    Llama body length 125-190 cm. Is they oungest member of the camel family, the llama is considered the ancestor of the alpaca. Body like a pony, gentle.

    Llama hair is long and soft, white color, black, brown and so on. Head fur from yellow to reddish-brown, in the neckfused into a pale orange. Soft body fur, uniform length. It is an endemicanimal in the semi-arid grasslands between 3500 and 5750 meters above sea level in the Andes of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, and lakes and marshes are also very good thermal fibers because they are capable of carrying goods onthin air.

    Top-line fancy yarn, llama Soft is the newzipper yarn. Feel soft, plump hair. Mainly camel, dark coffee-based, winter sweater coat can be used as a suitable choice.