the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Alpaca, Llama and Camel

Alpaca, winter yarn buyers in recent years the new election, which has a warm, warm, easy to clean and drying function. And with luxury natural fiber, compared to cashmere, mohair, alpaca wool cheaper prices

Top-line fancy yarn, alpaca wool as the main component of fancy yarn, the main yarn types are drawn yarn, loop yarn. Novel yarn, warm fashion, a fancy yarn of the most important choice.

Aspen:Nm13 32%Superfine Alpaca 32%Extrafine Merino wool 30%Polyamide Fiber 6%Elasten

Llama as a close relative of alpaca, llama hair can also be used for natural fiber yarn raw materials. Llama like hi alpine, more than living in 4000-5000 meters above the mountain, the fiber also has a good warmth

Top-line Launched this year, the new yarn, soft color, fashionable, is the new fancy yarn.

Llama Soft: Nm13 27%baby llama 27&wool 46%polyamide

Camel, with light weight, good warmth, good appearance, but also not easy to moth-eaten

Consine 100% camel cashmere yarn is mainly used for the autumn and winter models men, stocked yarn camel qualities.

100%camel-Suggest Gauge: 12Guage