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Natural Beautiful Fiber-Mohair

    Different from other fiber fabrics, mohair is beautiful natural luster which can make fabric colorful and texture more vibrant.

    Mohair can bring variety of feelings: exercise and comfortable, warm and soft, tough and light, all seasons of the characteristics is unparalleled. Mohair which is from Angolan goat wool is the world's most beautiful and most unique one of the sustainable natural fibers.

Natural science fiber

    Mohair unparalleled special natural performance can enhance every aspect of our life. Mohair becomes the best fiber choice for home textiles, socks and clothes.


    Mohair is renewable natural resource which is from farming to consumer products throughout the process is fully sustainable development. Mohair is a permanent fiber that degrades in the soil and is beneficial to the ecosystem

Natural and comfortable

    Mohair absorbs and gets the humidity in the air, and can control its own"temperature", thus bringing maximum comfort. Mohair can absorb moisture, making the wearer feel very warm, the release of humidity, so that the wearer felt very cool, which are from its own days to performance.

    The fiber length and natural smoothness makes the pursuit of people, hairy luxury surface also brings a natural sense of fashion, sweater, scarves and blanket sare the best choice.