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Cashmere Yarn and Yak Yarn, Which One is Much Warmer?

    What is the warmth of cashmere and yak wool? Cashmere known as soft gold, China's annual production of only about 10,000 tons, the general cost of cashmere sweater about 400 yuan. And cashmere more suitable for worsted, the color is more variable.

    Yak cashmere is also very warm, but the color monotonous, suitable for men, in the artistic weariness than cashmere. But the production has the potential, and we all know, sheep grazing is very powerful, the destruction of vegetation, yak is not the same, from another aspect of yak more environmentally friendly, higher value.

    The warmth of the difference is not, because the cashmere expensive, so pure cashmere clothes are relatively thin, to do the thick price will be very expensive, can only say the same price, the yak cashmere clothes can be thicker than the cashmere clothes, should be more warm.