the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere Neps Yarn

What is cashmere neps yarn?

The yarn attached to the surface of the yarn is called neps yarn. Typically, in the dark bottom yarn attached to the light color point, in the shallow bottom yarn attached to the dark color point. This kind of color is generally made of various fibers first made of particles, after dyeing in the spinning to join.

What are raw materials?

Consinee neps yarn use cashmere raw materials, so the price is certainly higher than the ordinary yarn.

How to produce?

Cashmere raw material is in the equipment after the process of making color hair particles. Cashmere pork yarn in the production process than the ordinary cashmere yarn production process is more complex, because the yarn is also used 100% cashmere ideas, the need to mix ideas and cashmere production. Repeated several times to be able to achieve uniform distribution of yarn ideas.

Why choose neps cashmere yarn?

The cashmere neps sweater looks better. Paint yarn fabric surface attached to the stars like the color point, unique style.

Consinee Development Department for the seasonal fashion trend of the development of new products, this season launched Consinee cashmere yarn, in the exhibition once published by the yarn industry elite and the international first-line brand of all ages.

For the most admired customers in the world, this is the discovery and experience of the exclusive high quality yarns manufactured by Consinee.

Consinee cashmere yarn develops 15 years; in the long experience of the precipitation it will continue to optimize the quality of cashmere yarn. Yarn technology in the continuous innovation becomes a high-end yarn trend guide.