the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
What is Supreme cashmere yarn?

1.Best quality cashmere material: cashmere is divided by white cashmere, gray cashmere and brown cashmere. In order to ensure Consinee cashmere yarn quality we use best cashmere material from Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia etc.

2.Consinee chooses the best cashmere raw material. The most widely cashmere material in market is about 16.5 micron. While Cinsinee woolen yarn use cashmere fibre with fineness ≤15.5μm, fiber length 34-38mm and baby cashmere fineness ≤15.0μm, fiber length ≥38mm. worsted 2/48 cashmere yarn is made from material no more than 15.8micron and length 55mm 75m after carding. The short fibre rate is no more than 16% and trash content below 0.2%, color fibre content no more than 7 and no more than 3 for white in white cashmere fibre.

3.Consinee use biological reactive dyes from Germany and Switzerland which is eco-friendly and healthy certified by OEKO-TEX100.

4.Steady high quality finished product. Consinee import Italian equipments and the spinning workshop is of constant temperature and humidity which ensure Consinee steady high quality cashmere yarn.

-By Pengpeng