the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Baby cashmere

Consinee is endeavoring to use the best natural fibre to produce both pretty and functional products. Baby cashmere is a kind of very precious natural fibre, supersoft, light and combed from the inner hair of baby goat in Inner Mongolia and Northern China. Baby cashmere is very precious because one goat can only produce baby cashmere for one time in lifetime. When cashmere goat is 3- 12 mouth old, the cashmere fibre is combed carefully. One baby goat can only produce no more than 30 gram cashmere fibre. The cashmere fibre from 19 baby goat can make one sweater.

Baby cashmere is supersoft, warm and warm and the average diameter is 13.5 micron and the thinnest normal cashmere fibre is 14.4 micron. Consinee become the largest baby cashmere yarn producer after over 10 years’ effort. The finished clothes is very thin and light and it can hold the air to form a warm gurad.

- by jason