the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Natural cashmere is most healthy cashmere

With people’s requirement for cloth develops people’s pursuit for clothes are more than colors and style. We wish we dress beautiful and also healthy clothes. As It is known that natural fibres are most healthy material and cashmere is most precious natural fibre. Cashmere is soft, light, smooth, gentile and flexible and it has excellent moisture absorbability and evaporating property. These features make cashmere precious fibre that can compare with gold and diamond and symbol of high quality life.

Healthy and Eco friendly is the pursuit of Consinee all the time. Consinee cashmere yarn is favored by world buyers for its high end quality and its export amount accounts for 10% share of world total cashmere amount.

Consinee keeps innovation and developmentthese years and invest much capital and talents in product development. We havedeveloped machine washable cashmere yarn in previous year. And in latest 2019FW seasons we promote eco-friendly undyed baby cashmere yarn in raw white, rawgray and raw purple color. The natural and undyed hues of the yarn reflect theessential beauty, luster and softness of this noble fibre. The complete absenceof the dyestuffs makes this uniquely gentle against the skin and kind on theenvironment. Eco-friendly and non stimulation is the pursuit of many customers.The raw material of Consinee cashmere is best material chosen from InnerMongolia, Qinghai and Ningxia. Cashmere fibre is no more than 15.5 micron andlength in 34-36mm and baby cashmere no more than 15.0 micron.

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