the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
What is Dehair Racoon?

Dehair Racoon is a new type of special animal fiber.

Dehair Racoon feels soft, the appearance of suede longer, fabric suede full, now as a domestic high-end consumer layer one of the more favored products.

Dehair Racoon yarn is developed in recent years as Consinee new product, is characterized by good warm, wearing light, fabric suede full, delicate, high-grade appearance, and fur coat effect is similar to give people to High-end grade aristocratic sense!

Consinee launched the Dehair Racoon yarn are the following:

NM2 / 26 100% Dehair Racoon suitable for 12gauge, feel soft waxy, suede full, warm and good effect.

NM2 / 20 100% Dehair Racoon suitable for 9gauge, fluffy full, feel comfortable, with fur effect.

NM2 / 26 60% Dehair Racoon 30% ECDP 10% silk suitable for 12gauge, combined with ECDP and silk effect is a little more silky, and the price is very moderate.

Dehair Racoon fiber density is lower than cashmere, and therefore lighter than cashmere. Dehair racoon fiber structure has a section of the cavity, so its warmth is good.

Everyone likes different shades color, because generally raw Dehair raccoon color is dark brown or light brown, so produce light color need to turn on the Dehair Racoon, to a large extent has destroyed the original feel of the raccoon. There are different colors. It is recommended to follow the original characteristics of fiber, to maximize the realization of the advantages of each product.

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