the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Cashmere and Wool blended Yarn

Wool fiber is soft and flexible, and feels full, warm and good, wearing comfortable and so on. We usually use wool mainly in sheep, the world's wool production advantage in the southern hemisphere, while Australia mainly produces fine wool.

Wool Top is the standard to determine the quality of wool. The market is mainly 66 tops equivalent to 20um, 70 gross equivalent of 19.5um, 80 tops equivalent to 18.5um, 90 gross equivalent of 17.5um,100 tops equivalent to 16.5um. It can be personal wear, and feel comfortable. The finer, the fineness of the wool fiber, and the better the yarn quality, the feeling is much softer. Wool is a slender solid cylinder, curly-like. The fibrous tissue structure is divided into three layers, namely the scales layer, the cortical layer and medulla layer. The scales are the surface of the wool, and its growth has a certain direction, pointing from the hair root to the tip of the hair, each scale at the end of the hair root connected with the cortex, the other end of the distraction, a piece covered with convergence. It is also because of this feature, so that the washing of wool has the slightest drawbacks, and mercerizing process just to solve this problem.

Consinee wool uses 90 tops of Mercerized wool. Consinee cashmere is used in 15.5um fineness of the original cashmere which feels much better than the market with 100 top of the Basolan wool and 16.5um cashmere material. Concrete can be compared with the yarn in kind.

The following recommended several commonly used plush blended yarns.

No.1 NM2 / 26 70% mercerized wool 30% cashmere  woolen 72 color stock

Advantages: Seventy percent of the 17.5um fineness of the mercerized wool blended 30 percent of the 15.5um fineness of the cashmere, feel soft and smooth, warm and good, the price is relatively coarse wool pure cashmere higher.

No.2 NM2 / 48 70% mercerized wool 30% cashmere  worsted  72 color stock

Advantages: Worsted plush blended yarn than woolen anti-pilling better, yarn branch is finer and softer, if you like fine yarn worsted yarn can choose this one.

NO.3 NM2 / 48 90% mercerized wool 10% cashmere worsted 28 color stock

Advantages: Ninety percent of the mercerized wool much softer than hundreds of wool, because the wool is not as soft as cashmere, feel naturally no cashmere waxy, but after mercerized wool to abandon the shortcomings of the shrinking. But adding a small amount of Cashmere blended will make the overall style of yarn changes, and the use of worsted process, feel silky, soft.

Consinee has its own advantages on the basis of dyeing spinning in the raw materials, so the yarn is able to stand the test of time.