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Classification of wool

Classification bydifferent fiber types

(1)  homogeneoushair:Hair tuft consists of one fiber type after fleece in addition to theedge,generally refers to the production of modified fine sheep wool and semisheep wool quality.

(2)  Improvedhair:Including improved fine wool and modified semi fine wool,it refers to theongoing breeding and not reached ideal requirements of sheep wool,highgeneration improved sheep wool is similar with homogeneous hair,low generationimproved sheep wool is still heterogeneous wool.

(3)  Heterogeneouswool:A variety of fibers are contained in each of the hair bundles,which can bedivided into the native wool and high quality wool according to production ofsheep.

Native wool refers to not improvedoriginal variety sheep wool.High quality native wool refers to the woolproduced by the relevant departments stating not to improve and retain the finelocal varieties.

According to the classification ofshearing season:

(1)  Springwool:Spring shearing wool.There are only two times shearing the annual springand autumn for native sheep in North China,for this kind of sheep,the woolsheared in spring is called spring wool.The spring wool of native wool has muchunder hair with good quality wool.Homogeneous wool sheep is only sheared in thespring season,fine wool sheep and semi fine wool sheep are grown for 12 monthsbefore the shearing,but not called spring wool.

(2)  Autumnwool:There is two shearing habit of native sheep in Northern pasture and raisingsheep in Southern agriculture region,autumn wool only grows on sheep for 4-5 months,woolis short,in hair tuft fluff is few and loose with poor quality.