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How to Choose High-quality Alpaca

Alpaca yarn has been loved by consumers, but some manufacturers regardless of the interests of consumers, with inferior chemical fiber and wool scraps after dyeing to fake camel hair sold at high prices, so that consumers cheated, suffered losses. Now teach you two easy ways to identify quality alpaca.

1, High-quality camel hair fiber, shiny, hair color apricot yellow,brown red, silver, white and so on. Poor camel black, coarse hair. False camel hair if it is pretending to be a waste of wool, the general hair fiber is very short, about 3 to 4 cm, and relatively thick. If it is all kinds of chemical fiber posing, you can watch in the sun, the general chemical fiber in the sunshining bright. In addition, there are many false-headed camel dust, and because the raw materials did not wash clean, there is a stink smell.

2,Hand touch: high quality camel hair soft, elastic, dry. The general feel and flexibility of false camel hair are poor, and some still havea sense of moisture.

In fact, the strength and warmth of alpaca is much higher than the wool. And alpaca do not stick dust, clean and sanitary. Alpaca itself does not contain grease, so not easy to dust, no smell, easy to take care of. Alpaca hair is not easy to fall off, will not cause allergies. Alpaca has always been a high-grade textile raw material and is another precious animal fibers outside.