the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere-Expensive and Extravagant

This is the season to buy cashmere. Some websites have low cashmere prices. When faced with cheap cashmere products, we wonder if it is pure cashmere

Cashmere raw material is also the merits of the points

Many wholesalers’ guests reflect that now fierce market competition. Generally, wool is used instead of cashmere and use wool instead of wool. Then yarn cost reduction and sales increase

Cashmere is expensive and extravagant

Many garment manufacturers are helpless. They originally used the most luxurious materials to do the most high-end products

Market price competition everywhere and manufacturers had to change from raw materials. So the quality of raw materials has been reduced

What is the good raw material for cashmere?

We provide cashmere yarn for high-end market for luxury brand especially in east European and North America. The raw material is from Mongolia and the fineness is less than 15.5um. A price points a points goods