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The Way to Wash and Maintenance for Alpaca

Alpaca clothing is one of the luxury goods category because of its special ingredientsand expensive in the maintenance and other aspects of the distinction between other maintenance and following the introduction of a few maintenance and washing of small common sense

Cleaning Method

There is a slight pollution. Please use a clean hair dipped in wool dry lotion gently wipe the hair surface, to remove the dirt, with a clean towel dipped in water clear soap, can be repeated several times, try not to wet the clothes during the operation, and timely in the shade. If necessary, can also be used dry hair dryer

Use dry cleaning spray, according to the instructions used before shaking, 15-20 cm away from the sewage at the injection, after drying with a handkerchief or beat with a thin stick to remove the stained powder, new, wet, fat grease need to be repeated several times

In case of serious stains, should pay professional washing shop processing. Please do not choose to clean or to the quality assurance of the washing shop cleaning, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.


Any pure wool products, in the course of the use of varying degrees of hair reduction curl phenomenon. After a period of use, please use the comb to gently comb the fur. If necessary, you can use the hair dryer blowing comb, so you can restore its original natural form. Keep soft, comfortable, but also to maintain the color of the bright and complete pattern.

When storing, keep it in a dry place and do not allow it to be folded and pressed. If the use of insect repellent or mothballs, the application of gauze or toilet paper to wrap it, do not make it directly contact fur.

Clean up the dust, etc., please in the sunny study, but also in the outdoor with a small wooden stick gently tapping the surface of the fur to keep clean. If necessary, use a small vacuum cleaner to clean the home. When drying is required, dry or dry in ventilated and semi-shaded conditions.

Note: Do not allow the product to contact high temperature (such as boiling water, electric blanket, sun straight, etc.) and strong detergent. If the packaging or long-term folding caused by the product surface wool down, please start jitter, the product will restore the original flexibility, this will not damage its soft quality.