the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Can your cashmere sweater pilling the ball?

As natural fiber, cashmere is mostly made of protein. The way to wash by washing machine can hurt the fiber.

Cashmere is a thin and curved fiber, which contains a lot of air, and the formation of air layer, can prevent the invasion of cold air and keep the body temperature will not be reduced. Cashmere, light, soft, soft, slippery, very comfortable, is currently unmatched by any fiber.

On the cashmere anti-pilling also need to be emphasized. In the absence of anti-pilling and anti-pilling fibers, the weaving resistance of the woolen weave products can reach 3 levels for 2hours, and the anti-pilling of the worsted wool products can reach 3 levels for 3 hours. In the industry it is already the highest standard.

In a word, cashmere product must be taken care and can pilling the ball.