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How to Reduce the Phenomenon of Electrostatic Cashmere Sweater

    Last time we introduced the cashmere sweater will be the reason for static electricity, the following to tell you how to reduce the static in the dress, better in the winter to enjoy the warmth of cashmere.

1, wash your hands

    Hands contact with the most media, but also the most easy to feel the static. So close the TV, leave the computer, the best immediately wash your hands, so that the surface of the skin electrostatic charge released in the water

2, increase the humidity

    Winter dry climate, especially in the north, easy to make the local electrostatic discharge. In the room using the humidifier can adjust the indoor humidity, girls in the winter can use high moisturizing cosmetics

3, try to avoid wearing chemical fiber clothing and the use of chemical fiber carpet

    With small metal devices (such as keys), cotton cloth and other first touch can cause static door, door handles, faucets and other static elimination, and then touch

4, in daily life, the ground bath, changing clothes, but also can effectively eliminate the accumulation of static surface of the human body