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Will cashmere sweets produce static electricity?

    There are customers to reflect the winter when the cashmere sweater will appear static. Customer ask if cashmere sweater will produce static electricity? Cashmere sweater to produce static electricity is not mixed with things inside?

Winter often produce static electricity phenomenon, but the cashmere sweater from the electrostatic phenomenon is normal.

    Textile material is a kind of insulating material, the resistance is very high, when wearing fiber and other objects between the friction. It is likely to cause the charge on the surface of the object transfer, resulting in static electricity.

    Wool, cashmere and other wool natural fibers in friction with other substances, the amount of electricity than cotton and other fibers to be 2-40 times higher. Therefore, cashmere sweater will produce static electricity.

    When the climatic conditions are different, the static electricity is not the same. Dry hair fiber resistance is greater, easy to eliminate electricity. High moisture regain, static easy to disappear. Chemical fiber moisture regain than hair fiber is much lower, so the chemical fiber fabric produced by the electrostatic phenomenon than the wool fabric more serious.