the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Consinee Cashmere-The world Leader in Luxury Yarn

Consinee cashmere yarn becomes more and more popular recent years. The main reason is because of high quality.

Why choose Consinee cashmere?

Firstly: Choose fineness less than 15.5um high-quality cashmere. Raw materials determine the quality of cashmere, but definitely not the only determinant.

Secondly: use low-temperature dyeing technology. Please note that the low temperature here is relatively speaking, low temperature dyeing can reduce the degree of damage to the fibrous tissue, so that the characteristics of the yarn to the best, which is the welfare of garment factories.

Thirdly: excellent spinning environment. Consinee Group is located in South of China, humid climate, coupled with the workshop floor laying bamboo flooring, to ensure that the spinning process in the temperature and humidity is most conducive to yarn.

Fourthly: sealed storage environment, the yarn storage is located on the fourth floor, to prevent the yarn due to wet or too dry and brittle or mildew. And we strictly in accordance with international fair back to calculate the yarn price.

In addition Consinee yarns do not need to back up, you can directly on the machine, which also greatly reduces the yarn loss. For the garments company, high-quality with cheap price is necessary. There are many cashmere kinds of yarn on the market, different quality with uneven price. We hope that these can help you identify what is good cashmere, what is the cashmere you want raw materials.

If you are a designer or a clothing factory,pls continue focusing on Consinee to find what you need.