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Dehair Racoon Yarn Knitting

Raccoon cashmere soft and delicate, full of hair, warm fashion,widely welcomed by Chinese and foreign customers. It is the best choice for winter.

Now a lot of customers said that they cannot get the desired hairfeel, feeling no difference with the ordinary flat gauze pieces. Now on the customer to reflect the following summary of the problem, hope to customers now the problems faced are helpful

First, correct knitting gauge. Yarn knitting should be inaccordance with the correct needle-type equipment, needle-type equipment is notright, finished or loose or tight, affecting the effect. For example, suitable for 9-gauge raccoon cashmere yarn, the use of 5-gauge needle to create, pinrelaxation, hairiness is not compact, as 9 knitted out of the effect.

Second is washing treatment. It is very important to have washing treatment. And even some of the factory washing method properly, can the general quality of the yarn washed out the effect of high-quality yarn cloth.

Dehair Racoon yarn washing method properly, the customer can wanta long hair feeling good show. In the process of ra coon hair washing, we must pay attention to whether the soaking time is enough. Not seek to save trouble, feel more soak and less soak no difference. Soaking time is enough to wash the key.

In summary, the customer must be in advance before the order and the clerk to communicate well, detailed questions needle, washing and other issues, please follow the correct method of knitting washing to avoid problems