the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Yarn fro Machine Knitting and Hand Knitting

Cashmere knitting yarns are mainly used for knitting with knitting machines, including woolen, worsted and semi-worstedyarns for 3GG, 5GG, 7GG, 9GG, 12GG, 14GG, Wool knitting yarn is mainly used for hand-knitting, mainly for the coarse spinning, there are worsted yarn and semi-worsted yarn multi-stranded shares. Production equipment and process and cashmere knitting yarn is different.

We used handmade needle with cashmere weaving line on the thick spinning yarn, ordinary cashmere sweater is also usedwith coarse spinning, and spring and summer ultra-thin cashmere fashion, T-shirt and cashmere underwear generally use worsted cashmere yarn.Semi-worsted cashmere yarn is recent years to develop new products, is being knitted factory to accept and try, the effect is pretty.

Cashmere yarn is the direct raw material of the cashmere sweater, the quality of the cashmere sweater depends directlyon the quality of the cashmere yarn, the appropriate strength and twist, and the choice of material (cashmere raw material) length and fineness of the quality of the cashmere yarn quality. Grade to determine the different price,so consumers or knitwear factory in the purchase of cashmere yarn must start from their own needs, carefully discerned, do not blindly pursue the cheapprice. Quality inexpensive cashmere yarn made of cashmere sweater will appear serious Pilling and hair loss, seriously shortening the life of cashmeresweater.