the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The Future of Cashmere Industry is Inseparable from Innovation

Cashmere is best natural fiber, and there are other natural fibers more and more popular. For cashmere manufacturing factory, we must put aside the sense of superiority, continuous technological innovation, only to adapt to the market, have the opportunity to become the most wonderful.

China not only has the high-quality cashmere resources, but also is the first country to produce cashmere products and the largest country for cashmere products exporting.

There are three reasons to support that.

First, Inner Mongolia cashmere is recognized as high-quality cashmere base all over the world. Second, China has manufacturing factories, many countries like to buy in China, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to buy raw materials and then processing in the Chinese factory. Final garment exports show for high-end counters.


With the economic globalization and the international cashmere products market integration, income level continues to increase, concerned about the quality of life consumption accounted for the proportion of the pursuit of health, quality values and the international urban fashion dress culture integration, so that consumers the demand for cashmere products, both in quantity and quality have a higher pursuit.


 Consumers are increasingly pursuing cashmere products personalized and fashionable. The cashmere processing enterprises must carry out product innovation, cashmere products to fashion, elegance, quality direction, only cashmere in the international textile industry with irreplaceable in order to improve the cashmere products in the international market competitiveness and market share.

Chinese cashmere product structure from woolen, pure spinning extended to worsted, water-soluble cashmere and blended. Product technology content gradually increased, cashmere products get change, which is the development trend of cashmere, but also it is said that cashmere is not only suitable for winter.

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