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How to Make Washing Treatment for Hand Knitting Cashmere


    Many customers like to choose Consinee cashmere yarn for hand knitting at home. But it is a problem to make washing treatment at home. Look at the instructions of the scent feel a lot of trouble. In order to solve this problem deliberately upload the following experiment, only need a washing machine on it! Because the ordinary washing machine and professional machines have some differences,

One: put warm water to the washing machine, the depth of the water is soaked in clothes can be 2 cm. Water temperature is 38-48 degreesis better (you can use the temperature measurement)

Two: the two sets of waste material (velvet agent and softener)into the water together, with a washing machine to stir evenly. Be sure to stirevenly!

Three: the clothes into the inside wash, cashmere sweater time wash 20-50 minutes, ice socks and wings with 50-150 minutes, washed directly after dehydration dry, multi-color cashmere sweater must be dried (donot wash with water Oh), you can also increase the time according to individual requirements. The result is suede lengthened. Over time will lead to clothing felting.

Lotion professional ratio

Wash ratio: bath ratio (clothes weight: water weight ---1:20 or 1:30)

Chloe: Clothes: 1: 50

Washing time: 15 --- 25 minutes Water temperature 35 ---38 degrees Drying temperature: 75 --- 80 degrees

(Water repeatedly washed many times, wash the residual velvet agent after drying soft procedures)

Soft program

Clothes: water ----- 1:16

Softener: Clothes ------- 1:10

Washing time: within 30 minutes

Washing times: 1 time (no cleaning required)

Dry temperature: 75 --- 80 degrees Note

All the lotion is not too much foam, too much will reducethe friction, affecting the suede effect