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How to Wash Silk and Cashmere Blended Clothing?

    Silk cashmereblended in recent years become widely welcomed by everyone. Silk and cashmereblended is not only scarce raw materials but also with warmth and stylishfeatures. With economic development and improvement of people's livingstandards, more and more people like it and become one of the favoriteclothing. So it is necessary for us to learn how to wash correctly.

Disable detergent

Silk alkaliresistance is poor, stained with sweat should be timely washing and should useneutral, advanced detergent or detergent, dark clothing should be rinse withwater, the use of soap or detergent powder prone to soap stains or fadedflowers. Silk washing should be carried out in cold water or warm water, do notsoak for a long time, to dip with the wash, try to shorten the washing time.

Hand wash best

In the cold waterinto a small amount of neutral detergent (such as washing fruit and vegetableswith the washing spirit), the first hand in the water detergent can be put intoclothing before clothes; clothes soaked in water not more than five minutes;hand gently scrub Drift, not wring dry, hanging dry, can not be in the sun orfluorescent light drying; if not ironing, can wait until the clothes Qichengdry hands can be square.

Gently rub therinse

Silk by theprotein fiber composition, very delicate, do not pay attention will causepilling, flowers, washing should not be forced to rub, can not be machine wash.Wash, the silk products should be the first 30 ℃ in the water soak 5to 10 minutes, with a special silk detergent, synthetic low foam detergent orneutral soap gently rub, and then rinse in water. Recommended the best drycleaning.

Fire anti-color

Dry to Bacheng drymedium temperature ironing, wrinkle the best, ironing face up, keep luster,avoid water, to avoid water stains. Silk fiber can not withstand friction,usually careful not to let the surface rough furniture, objects rub thesurface. Do not spray the surface of silk products deodorant, perfume, etc .;storage and mothballs do not put together to avoid its discoloration.