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The Reason for Cashmere Pilling

    For winter, the first choice for clothing is cashmere sweater.

However,cashmere pilling phenomenon has always been troubled by cashmere enthusiasts.

   First of all, all natural fibers will be the ball, which is the inevitable problem of natural fiber. Cashmere fabric ball has four main reasons, pay attention to four aspects, the maximum intensity to reduce the ball.

1)knitting density, the more tight the knitting density, the more difficult to play the ball

2)washed suede, especially the washing machine clothes most likely to play the ball

3)wearing, the wear, the proposed matching jacket is best to smooth, so as not tofriction from the ball. Outside wear, reduce friction with hard objects and hard pull hooks. Do not wear a cashmere sweater to do outdoor sports, do not wear cashmere lying onthe bed

4)Pilling and yarn twist also related to the higher the twist, the more difficult to play the ball

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