the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
The Characters of Cashmere, Camel and Silk

Cashmere is a rare special animal fiber. Cashmere is from the goat body. Spring is the occasion of the goat hair removal, with a special iron comb from the goat body to capture the hair, known as the original cashmere. Cashmere will be washed the original cashmere carding, remove the original wool in the coarse hair, dead hair and dander after the cashmere, known as no plush. Consinee has a fixed no plush base, the collection of cashmere white, green, purple three colors, of which the most precious white cashmere. Through the original cashmere color difference for different colors, reduces the dye on the cashmere fiber damage, while ensuring the finished product feels the best cashmere.

Camel is camel hair short.

Camel is taken from the camel abdomen, after the control made of camel hair color apricot, soft fluffy, is the production of high-grade wool textile one of the important raw materials. Camel products are light, soft and warm features. Camel fiber medulla was hollow structure, is conducive to the storage of air, is the strongest animal in the cold, it is ideal natural cold health products. Camel's overall stability is strong, durable, as well as fine soft light warm and strong, and other excellent features. Camel contain natural protein ingredients, not easy to produce static electricity, easy to absorb dust, no irritation to the skin allergies. Consinee has pure camel hair, silk camel blended, and wool camel hair blended.

Silk is cooked silkworm cocoon when the secretion of silk, and then solidified from the continuous long fiber, mainly composed of protein, is a natural fiber. Humans use one of the earliest animal fibers. The largest amount is silk, followed by tussah silk. Silk is light and slender, fabric luster is good, comfortable to wear, feel smooth and plump, poor thermal conductivity, moisture permeability, for the weaving of various satin and knitwear. Consinee has velvet blended, pure silk yarn, silk blended, silk flax blended.

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