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Why Yak is More and More Popular?

Yak is called as the plateau of the boat, and is grown in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its adjacent areas of alpine steppe unique cattle. The yak is harvested once a year.

Yak hair is very thin. The diameter is less than 20 microns, the length of 3.4 to 4.5 cm, with irregular bending, scales were tightly fit, shiny soft, flexible, feel smooth waxy.

There are following two points about the reason why yak is so popular.

The warmth of yak as the same as cashmere, but the price is low than cashmere. General yak will be used to make jackets. The cost is high. Many clothing companies in considering the cost, tend to be attracted to the yak.

Yak fiber is thicker, so the three-dimensional sense of strong, relatively large fabric, with fashion characteristics, wide customer base.

Yak has more warm and soft than ordinary wool. In recent years yak has been used in the field of garment production. With the improvement of processing technology and technology, yak will be widely recognized and becomes another high-grade textile raw material.