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What is mohair?

Mohair refer to the hair of angora goat, and is also called angora goat hair. It is name after Turkish and means the best hair. Mohair is one of the best knitting textile material.

Angora goat hair is typical long hair with good luster and belongs to special animal hair. “Mohair” origins from Arabic which means silk-like goat hair, it becomes the technical name of angora goat hair.

Angora goat is most suitable to live in mountain with altitude of 500 to 1000 meters.

It feeds on burgeen of bush and leaves. Therefore angora goat can only lives in mountains and could not be fed on grassland. They do not get rid of the ferity of goat and lives freely. An adult nanny goat can collect 2 to 2.5kilos hair.

Because people could not keep angora goat in captivity completely and they can only live in hills and bushes. Only hair collected from angora goat no more than 8 year old can reach textile standard. Mohair is high grade textile material and annual output is no more than 26000 tons. The main countries that produce mohair include Australia, South Africa, America, Argentina etc.

Top Line- branch company of Consinee Group, selects best mohair material from South Africa and our mohair yarn include fancy style like brush, boucle yarn etc. Mohair yarn is very suitable for fashion design. If you want to know more pls call us by 86-574-83063229, 86-574-83063230 or you can leave us message in our website.