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How to Wash Mohair not Deformation?

    Mohair sweater is very soft and comfortable, not only beautiful fashion, and warm. But the washing problem is a bit annoying. It is easy to shrink easily shrink.

1) Detergent

Avoid alkaline lotion. Only neutral and acidic detergents can be used. The dyes used in the sweater dyeing are destroyed by alkaline. Sothe expired shampoo is also a good choice

2) Temperature

Water temperature 30-40 degrees more appropriate

3) Cleaning precautions for handwashing and machine

Hand washing time cannot be hard rub. When the machinewash, the Mohair sweater in the laundry bag to wash, reduce the washing machine because of the elongated wool

4) Dry up

Do not wring dry, oblique on the board or hand dry water pressure. You can also hangin the laundry bag, to push the sweater to push a push, to prevent the larger.Put in the clothes rack spread out

Label instructions dry cleaning, sent directly to the dry cleaners

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