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How to Wash and Keep Mohair

Mohair is plush long and soft, and some coustomers on how to wash and maintenance cannot start, afraid of shedding, down and knot. In fact, mohair wool fabric can be dry cleaning, but also washed. Dry cleaning can be used lightoil or dry lotion, the use of local spray method, so that both clean up the pollution, but also to maintain the fabric appearance and contours. Washed withhigh-pole detergent to add warm water to reconcile after soaking, and then gently wash, after clearing and then use silk hair softener for soft treatment. Dry when the nylon bag should be used to lift the clothes to dry the water,filter dry with a hanger to dry.

Mohair clothing should not use the washing machine, the fast fileagitation washing, must use, should be mohair hair clothing into the laundry bag, and open slowly rinse. It should be noted that moahir fabric isstrictly prohibited ironing. Do not wear when used to hang hanger hanging inthe closet, avoid weight, so as not to plush lodging, flash disappeared.


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