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The Suitable Price Question for Cashmere Yarn

    Always someone will ask the price of cashmere. Tell the truth, for this question, we really do not know what is the best answer. We will explain why this way is not the suitable question for price. Not we do not want to tell you the price, but you question is too outsider. As long as the manufacturers come to us, or engage in this industry for a long time partners, is not so to ask, as you look like a lay out.

    Here's an example:

    Q: How much is your cashmere yarn?

    A: Darling, what size do you need? Such as count?

    Q: I need 12gauge.

    A: I suggest you can use nm2/26, and it is for 12 needles. Do you want pure 100% cashmere yarn, or blended cashmere yarn?

    Q: I want the pure, but I need anti-pilling.

    A: All natural fiber will be a little pilling, the same as pure 100% cashmere. A little bit of the ball is a normal phenomenon, and if you cannot afford the ball, you will doubt the redients are not 100%cashmere.

    Q: Oh, that is alright. How much should I pay for 1 kilogram?

    A: The min order is 1kg/color.

    Q: How much is 1kilogram yarn?

    A: The current price in April is USD$110 per kilogram. The price will change with the cost of raw materials. I suggest you can ask the price after clearing your order.

    Q: Well, I will come to you immediately clearing the order.

    A: Okay, Cashmere Prince looks forward to your visiting again.


    The more suitable question is as below:

    Q: How much is the 100% cashmere yarn of NM2 / 26?

    A: As for now the price is USD$110 / kg ex-mill, including tax without shipping. The price is valid before 2017.5.31.

    Of course, if you do not know nm2/26, or how many counts, you can ask the price according to the gauge. And if you have no concept on gauge, it is recommended that you ask: "I want to buy pure cashmere yarn, knitting by yourself or manufacturing by machine, which is more suitable?" So, we will know immediately offering you advice.