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The Washing Treatment Method of 100% Woolen Cashmere

Many customers ask us the method of washing treatment for a good hand-feeling after washing. Now I’d like to share the method of washing treatment about our yarn. This article is written according to our company's technical knowledge and experience. There are many influencing factors in the processing process, so do not rule out the necessity of self-test. The following programis for reference, I hope to help your washing water.

Note: the following washing is recommended only for pure woolen cashmere products, Nm2/26 100% (AURORA) and Nm2/36 cashmere 100% (MINERVA).


                                              100 cashmere textiles (woolen) washing process

Technological process

 soaking- washing- rinsing- dehydration- softening treatment- dehydration- drying- steam ironing

1, Soaking:

 Use additives: detergent, the amount of 1-2%, leavening agent 2-3%, water temperature 40 degrees - 45 degrees C, soaking time: 10-20 minutes

2, Machine washing: 10-15 minutes (the time depends on the cashmere's suede).

3, Rinse method:

 Rinse withwater, no residual liquid.

4, Dehydration: do dry so far.

5, Soft treatment method:

 Use equipment: washing machine,

 Use additives: smoothing agent, cashmere softener, the amount of 5% - 7%, the water temperature of 45 degrees - 50 degrees C, bath than 1:10-15, (soak 40-60minutes).

6, Dehydration: do dry so far.

7, Drying: steam ironing.


 Above for reference

Description: This information is based on the company's existing technical knowledge and experience. Because there are many factors in the process of processing, do not rule out the need for self-test.