the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
My dedication, only for the most love

Autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere is alwaysmore to be longer, illusion of cold seems to have no end. At this time of year,fashionable and warm cashmere sweater has become my salvation, a thin, softwaxy close to the skin, like a baby soft touch.

First met cashmere, probably dates backto childhood. In the 1990s, China has not LV and Chanel, cashmere is a luxury,my mother always loved that piece of cashmere sweater. The same price acashmere can buy a dozen pieces of sweater, but the cashmere unique texture andtouch that can withstand grinding scrutiny, even today, and then turned out, isstill soft as ever.

Kashmir is the cashmere,the English named Cashmere from ancient Rome, refers to hide in the goat'scoarse hair roots fine wool.

Cashmereproducts used in the top cashmere, produced in China's Inner Mongolia, thebest, because the local high altitude, cold weather, the goats in the long hairgap between the growth of a very soft, as to fill the cold against the villi,it grows more For fine tall long.

Winterride: prefer a small number, but also absolutely no shortage of indiscriminateabuse. Cashmere is the best choice. It is soft and soft as silk, warm and soft,like clouds or rose petals wrapped in a gentle touch, and the morning sleepingin the sweet temperature down, all concentrated in a light like a feather onthe cashmere sweater.

Cashmere with an excellentmaterial on their own, it's simple low-key luxury, only to wear the talent tounderstand.

As Andrea Mora said:

"The beauty ofcashmere is not just the warmth, it is the most fascinating is the kind of skinfeel comfortable, like the mother 's arms, soft and powerful.

The touch once thefascination with this unparalleled feeling, then from the addiction.