the largest cashmere exporter in China- Consinee cashmere yarn
Cashmere scarf of NUANZHI丨warmly is come from NUANZHI

A good scarf is worth more than a precious jewel. In theearly autumn to add a fine scarf, not only warm, add a female elegant charm, asthe Serve as the ornament of the whole body shape.

This scarf is characterized by lightweight, warm,comfortable, cool autumn do cool collar, both warm and stylish, sunny when youcan spread the shade. Feel smooth waxy, suitable for early autumn wear.

In the beginning of the cold days, cashmere shawl is verywarmly, casual to the shoulder of a scarf, elegant and gorgeous in the softmaterial, both on the hall, but also easy to walk the streets, do not need, Canbe folded into a small piece, stuffed in the bag.

This scarf is characterized by large enough, wide enough,warm enough, you can do scarf shawl, but also suitable for a coat, a trip totravel essential goods.

This scarf is characterized by warm, comfortable. Usewhole scarf intarsia techniques, kingly and elegant.

Now the prevalence of the sentence is, if not beauty,even the best clothing accessories, you taught me how to have the heart towear. Indeed, both in the pursuit of style but also to ensure that thetemperature of the era of light, luxury brand is also a challenge to use thebest material to make the most beautiful product, is our original pursuit.